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Simple animation showing the sequence of the development of the school. A brocha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to create the school, generations of graduates distributed across the globe creating a better world.

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About Us

Short overview of the uniqueness of Bnos Rabbeinu school

Girls who graduated from the school share their personal experiences & appreciation


High level description judaic studies program

Telephone classes of daily Chumash study program

Telephone classes of daily Tanya study program

Student programming, run & managed by the student body

Observe the teaching style & student interaction during classes

High level description general studies program


Calendar for the current academic year

On-line application form to facilitate the initial registration process

Complete Registration Packet & instructions with downloadable forms

Payments of $50 registration fee & any other on-line payments


Telephone shiurim on Moshiach & Geula specifically geared to alumni

Telephone classes of daily Tanya study program

Telephone classes The goal of the Tanya2go recordings is to facilitate focusing on a conceptual point of Tanya and elaborating on its practical application for our personal growth.

Alumni share with us their lives & contributions to bringing the world to the time when the whole world will be full of the knowledge of Hashem

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