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If not for Bnos Rabbeinu High School I don't think I'd be who I am today. Mrs. Turen taught me so much. I learnt skills I needed to open sefarim and learn. I believe that this is one of the most amazing Chabad School's.
This school made me a better person...it made my understanding of chassidus deepen. It helped me understand what is a Rebbe, what is a chassid? What is a pnimi? What is hiskashrus? What is moshiach? We opened the sources...we farbrenged on achdus hashem at least weekly....I love this school!
Their production songs were so uplifting. I still remember them and sometimes after a long hard day I think about the words of the songs and I feel stronger.

Malka Reyna Albukerk, year 2012

My base of chassidus, enjoyment of learning it and living it and emounah and bitachon in Moshiach that I try to give over to my children BH, IN my classes and to the people around me until today I gained from my 4 years in high school. (Obviously BH in addition to the strong base that my parents זאלן געזונט זיין gave me and my strong base in cheder elementary school.) I always have a constant feeling of indebtedness to give this wealth over. In Mrs. Turen’s classes of tanya and chumash I learned what the depths of chassidus are, that there is so much more to learn and how chumash and rashi should really be learned!

Chaya Brocha (Hecht) Altabé graduate 1997

Being at Bnos Rabbeinu made me feel excited about learning and chassidshkeit for the first time. The things I learned there have stayed with me until today. I was accepted for who I am and felt a sense of belonging. The friendships I made during my two years there were for life; we were and still are a family. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for Bnos Rabbeinu.

Nechama Dina Baitz, year 2011

Bnos Rabbeinu is the best school in the world! It sharpens your mind and brings out the best in you! And the staff there are very caring and helpful!

Minka (Reinitz) Freundlich, year 2012

Bnos Rabbeinu gave me so much in my life till this very day, 7 years later. I became the person I am today thanks to them, Yiddishkite became real and mine. I gained a real Hiskashrus to the Rebbe from all our farbrengens and classes. It was the 4 best years of learning and growing that I will never forget. Chassidus became alive, till this day whenever I learn something that we learned in high school, warm and good feelings surround me, as a remember learning it in class. Mrs Turen truly cares and gave the school her all. I am so privileged to have had such a good 4 years of learning. Thank you!

Rochel Hellinger, year 2009

The undivided attention that each student receives is so unique. Each student is like an only student who is constantly guided and supported in bringing out her fullest potential. The classes given at Bnos Rabbeinu are on the highest level and students are guided to fully master a subject to be able to learn and then teach it to others.

Miri (Hus) Shochat, year 2008

I arrived at Bnos Rabbeinu in 11th grade, very skeptical about the school. Rumors were that it’s an intense cult-like institution. I left 2 years later with a very different impression! Mrs. Turen truly cares about each girl in the school, and devotes hours and hours teaching and guiding each individual! I was able to learn with an open mind because I felt her sincerity. I learned chasidus in such a meaningful way that it was easy to put into action in my life! Now as a busy wife and mother I don’t live the same exact way I lived in high school… but what I learned definitely affects my life in every way! I know I can still call Mrs. Turen any time for inspiration or just a listening ear. My life was changed immensely for the better by attending Bnos Rabbeinu and I am very grateful for that opportunity!

Sara (Rahmani) Schwartz, year 2005

The four years I spent in high school really shaped the person I became. The knowledge I gained, the chassidishkiet I imbued and the friendships I made are still with me today!

Devorah Leah (Lifshitz) Smith, year 1996

Bnos Rabbeinu gave me a deep understanding of Chassidus, the Rebbe, and how to really serve Hashem. I am forever grateful for the chinuch I received and the life skills they gave me. Mrs. Turen truly cares for every student and develops personal relationships with the girls that last way beyond the high school years.

Chaya Mushka Hellinger, year 2011

Being in Mrs. Turen’s high school has had and continues to have a very big impact on my life. It was the first time I really felt I belonged. I was really cared for on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I was instiled with a desire to grow and change and use my talents to serve Hashem and do my part make this world a better place. Thank you Mrs. Turen. I am very grateful and feel very blessed.

G. K., year 2000

15 years later and I’m still living with the inspiration of high school today. Mrs. Turen has the skill to see each person’s potential and help them really use it and blossom to their fullest.

Shainy (Kalmanson) Levin, year 2002

Learning at Bnos Rabbeinu for high school, was the single life experience, contributing most to who I am today! The farbrengens and chassidishe yomim tovim were definitely a highlight. They created a warm chassidishe atmosphere which facilitated my growth in so many ways. The learning was engaging, challenging and personal. The Tanya classes are still engrained in me. I owe my personal connection with the Rebbe to Mrs. Turen. Thanks you Bnos Rabbeinu! fullest.

Mushka (Rubashkin) Zaltzman, year 2007

One of the things that come to mind when I think back to Bnos Rabbeinu is the feeling for the Rebbe. How all his teachings, all his hoiroes, all mivtzoim is what makes us who we are!! The atmosphere was a very real and growing one! In Bnos Rabbeinu, our principal is so personable and really connects with her students! Till today, whenever I have a question on hashkafa, a source in Torah, in a sicha or just a day to day life question I ask Mrs. Turen! It’s amazing, how a student, after a good number of years after school can still call her principal!! I know I can always ask her and she so gladly responds! Thank you Mrs. Turen! P.S. the farbrengens from time to time(usually sukkos time) are so refreshing!

Nissel (Hus) Vogel, year 2010

Bnos Rabbeinu is the only school that offers the learning and environment of its kind. It is a school in which Torah, Chassidus, Rebbe, Moshiach and Ahavas Yisrael are the oxygen that is breathed. Going to Bnos Rabbeinu is not just going to school, it’s receiving the gift of knowing how to live the most meaningful and purposeful life through learning Torah from its deepest dimension.

DL, year 2011

It took me a while to think of why I appreciate my years at Bnos Rabbeinu so much. I wanted to say that a few years later, I can still remember every perek of Tanya and sicha learned and that all the hachlatas and farbrengens are still with me. I can’t say that. It’s true that High school did teach me to love to learn- I really loved the Prakim of Tanya and sichas that were taught with so much depth. I loved the all encompassing atmosphere of growth, farbrengens, good discussions, yechiduses with Mrs. Turen, my classmates, stimulating classes and all of it is really such special memories for me. But what really affects me till this day? I think it’s the fact that everything was real and true. We weren’t just learning because we were academic but because we are Chassidim and Jews and what we do is really important and makes a difference, and that affected all the details- even the way we kept Halacha in the dorm. that’s what sticks with me till this day… Like when I’m on shlichus without a kosher sink and I can’t forget that you can’t drain boiling food into a not kosher sink… And when I barely think I can daven, but davening is always followed with the rebbes kapital, and when I make sure to stop in 770 very often because I appreciate it holiness… That’s when I realize what Bnos Rabbeinu put in me, that never seems to leave me.

Mushki Blesofsky, year 2010

Bnos Rabbeinu taught me that there is a personal relationship between me and Hashem – and it is attainable

Leah (Lichovetsky) Veiner, year 2013

I gained self-esteem and self-confidence – giving us big responsibilities and believing in us showed me how truly capable I was.

Anonymous, year 2007

Bnos Rabbeinu taught me how to think and analyze more clearly, sharply and efficiently. Without Bnos Rabbeinu I don’t know if I’d ever have learned how to think in an organized and efficient fashion

Anonymous, year 2012

Bnos Rabbeinu helped me create who I am today

Miriam (Duban) Smith, year 2013

Bnos Rabbeinu gave me a sense of Chabad and belonging that has followed me throughout my life. The ability to recall a Tanya class or Moshiach Sicha that I learned over 8 years ago!

Shira Hendrie, year 2010

Bnos Rabbeinu gave me pnimius – it made Hashem real

Anonymous, year 2013

Bnos Rabbeinu gave me a lot of knowledge, in Tanya, and especially with the Rebbes inyanim. The farbrengens were really great! Taught me different things. In general, it was a good and growing experience!

Anonymous, year 2010

Mrs. Turen is one of the best teachers/inspirations of all time. I just listened to a class (sadly missed it live..busy w kids!!) But hearing it was deja vu’ and reminded me of her fantastic classes…! Thanks for this audio class!

MT, year 1996

Bnos Rabbeinu Girls High School is the only school of its kind. This is a school that gives every person who walks through its doors EMES. So everyone who walks out of its doors carries EMES with them and spreads it out to the rest of the world.

DL, year 2011

My daughter went to a school that was shut down in the beginning of the year, B”H this wonderful school received my daughter with kindness quickly and my daughter was able to continue her education with only a few days halt.


I was in Bnos Rabbeinu for just a few days(shabaton), it changed my life. The girls have so much chayus, they do the Rebbes haroas with such excitement and devotion.I came home feeling so proud to be a chassid of the Rebbe MH”M.


Being in seminary with girls who went to Bnos Rabbeinu really enhanced our year! These girls are real Chassidim of the Rebbe MH”M and their knowledge is amazing! They are really prepared for the future. Besides the high Chassidishe environment the girls have great learning skills and are taught essential material! I can say that I myself am changed from being around these girls and attending Mrs. Turin’s Farbrengens. If I could rewind back in time I would certainly have attended the school and have those fundamentals to life that all the pupils possess! I don’t think any seminary could change the girls as much as Bnos Rabbeinu! If anyone would have the choice between the two, don’t even hesitate opting for seminary! It’s a MUST for every girl in our generation and there is no reason why only a small percentage are receiving this great education! They are true Noshim Tzidkoniyus!

Chana R