Bnos Rabbeinu

Bnos Rabbeinu’s forte
Why Bnos Rabbeinu?

Our staff believes in each student, as she is now and what she will become. The care for each girl enables her to flower, creating an orchard of unique, individual beauties that blend into a magnificent garden.

Our staff believes in Hashem, not as a remote reality, but as the pulse of our life and school. We take abstract concepts and spiritual nuances and express them as concrete, rational and logical imperatives. We convey esoteric thoughts in a fashion that is applicable; our alumni addresses are generally under one hundred words – conveying a timely message of hope, faith and personal growth in a digestible email. Truth resonates. As our students are immersed in the nurturing waters of Torah and Chassidus, they echo with their own inner truth.

Share the wealth
Mrs. Turen, through school in-services and webinars, instructs teachers around the world on teaching Chumash in the classroom. She has recorded the entire Tanya as a series of WhatsApps daily broadcasts. She is currently writing a book, translating and adapting 9 talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Moshiach. She is often invited to give talks in the Chabad communities around the States and beyond.

The eternal personalized for the times
As the driving force in Bnos Rabbeinu’s curriculum development, she ensures modern techniques are integrated with ancient wisdom, making Torah alive and current to Bnos Rabbeinu students.

Electives and accreditations
Every day there is an electives class for the girls to have healthy opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways, including but not limited to kickboxing, guitar, drawing, basketball, and computers.

The school is fully accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Federal Department of Homeland Security.

Real School for Real People
Our teachers not only help develop minds but also appreciate their students as people. We want girls to feel they have space within the strictures and therefore we allow light nail polish and sweaters. We want the girls to enjoy their high school experience, and we make sure fun is part of their daily routine.

Maintaining the alumni connection
Bnos Rabbeinu focuses on maintaining spiritual resources for alumni, sending monthly articles, producing nightly WhatsApp broadcasts on Tanya chitas, Chumash chitas and Tanya tools and hosting teleconference farbrengens. There is always receptivity to an alumna reaching out for the guidance and council she appreciatively remembers from high school. Each of our alumni makes her mark in this world, and we strive to nurture them to help them nurture so many others.

Graduates feedback
Many graduates in their thirties share with the school administration a similar revelation, “Now I value Bnos Rabbeinu even more than when I was there. It gives me the strength I need for all that life demands of me.”

Relationship with Hashem
We help each student connect to Hashem in a real and personalized way. The more Hashem and Chassidus is internalized, the more our graduates have the strength to remain above all the pulls drawing people below. Nurturing an absolute belief in Hashem - Bnos Rabbeinu.