Bnos Chabad Programming

The following is an alphabetized listing of some of the Bnos Chabad programs and activities:

  • Achdus (Unity) Events – To heighten achdus awareness, Bnos Chabad coordinates a variety of programs. Through these programs the student’s feeling, connection and responsibility to her fellow classmates and the general community are intensified.
    1. Coordinating a “Sisters Program” between schoolmates
    2. Arranging out-of-town students to eat a Shabbos meal with a different family in the community (to foster bonds with the general Lubavitch community
    3. Tznius Project to intensify internal and external levels of modesty personally and communally
  • Chanukah and Purim Parties – The Bnos Chabad parties for these Jewish holidays develop the student’s programming and organizational skills as well as enhance the bonds between them.
  • Chassidic Holidays – the student gatherings organized by the students to celebrate Chassidic holidays develop the student’s skills in organizing programs, enhance the bonds between themselves and increase the student’s feeling as Chassidim.
  • Color War – The annual color war develops the artistic talents of the students and strengthens the bonding between them.
  • Independent learning – Bnos Chabad has organized on their own initiative a learning program every Wednesday morning before schools commences and every Thursday evening. This program develops in the student the actualization of independent learning and fosters her appreciation for learning and the desire to continue learning independently. Additionally, the girls instituted “Rebbe Time” – informal, nightly gatherings to share insights and inspiration. Bnos Chabad also prints learning booklets 6 times annually as self-study for the students to prepare themselves spiritually for upcoming Chassidic holidays. These booklets are designed to achieve the same above mentioned goals.
  • International Bnos Chabad Convention – Annually the entire school travels to New York to commemorate the passing of the wife of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Through this experience, the student develops a connection to the international Lubavitch Chassidic community and a strengthening of her feelings for Chassidism. She also develops fund raising skills as the students raise the funds to pay for transportation costs.
  • Interschool Activities – To strengthen the feeling of unity and brotherly love between the local Orthodox Jewish girls’ high schools, BRHS have initiated a number of interschool activities. These activities aid in the development of organizational skills and foster a sense of responsibility and love for one’s fellow man.
  • Lag B’omer Outing – an annual trip on the Jewish holiday of Lag B’omer is planned, arranged, and executed by the students. The organization of the trip enhances the student’s skills in all of the above. In addition, the trip fosters strong bonds between the students.
  • Mivtzoim (Jewish Outreach) – Bnos Chabad arranges weekly and monthly excursions to various hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centers and apartment complexes for Jewish outreach. The student develops a self confidence in speaking with people of various age brackets and backgrounds regarding religious matters. This project also develops a heightened awareness of one’s responsibility to one’s fellow as well as strengthens the ability to organize such activities.
  • Production -Through the production, done annually, the student develops her creative talents, forms strong bonds with fellow students and develops the organizational and management skills necessary to execute a major production.
  • Mother- Daughter Shabbaton Weekend – Relationships between mothers and daughters are strengthened and deepened through this weekend which is filled with lectures, workshops and panel discussions — ( and student-catered meals) entirely organized by the students.
  • Weekend Retreat – Annually the students organize a weekend together. Through this weekend the student’s skills in organization and programming are enhanced as well as strengthening the strong bonds between the students.
  • Yom Iyun (Symposium) – Through the student organizing the symposium, she develops programming and organizational skills, as well as broadening her knowledge and interest in an array of subjects.