Judaic Studies

Learning and doing
Bnos Rabbeinu is renowned for our strong academic program. The curriculum emphasizes developing thinking skills that can be transposed to other experiences in both academics and life. Possibly the jobs our students will have in 10 years don’t exist today. Additionally, we enrich their abilities to understand life through the prism of a strong trust in G-d that will help them succeed, materially and spiritually, in all situations.

Internalizing Jewish values & ideals
The purpose of the study of Judaica is to impart Jewish values, ideals and actions to each student. The student will be able to apply her studies to her daily life in contemporary society. Adherence to all facets of Jewish law as well as character growth and refinement are emphasized.

Appreciate the beauty of Torah
The student will enhance her appreciation for the truth in her Judaic studies. She will develop the necessary skills to prepare and understand the texts in their original Hebrew or Yiddish language coupled with the desire and enthusiasm to continue to learn independently.

Illuminating Yiddishkeit with Chassidus
Through an emphasis on many different avenues of Chassidic philosophy, the student will master the Chassidic perspective and value system. She will have the inspiration and idealism that naturally flows from the Chassidic philosophy. Her feelings for the Lubavitcher Rebbe MH”M will be intensified. She will strive to be bonded to him with a deep and special affinity inherent in a Rebbe-Chasid relationship. She will be imbued with the fervent belief, applied on a practical level, in the imminence of the coming of the Moshiach and of her personal responsibility to hasten his coming. She will develop strong feelings of love for and responsibility to G-d, the Lubavitcher Rebbe MH”M, the Jewish people, mankind and all of G-d’s creations.

Academic Policies

The program includes the subjects listed below. One unit of credit is awarded for a subject taught four periods per week for a full year. Classes meeting more or less than four periods per week are awarded credit proportionally. Students earning a Bnos Rabbeinu High School Limudei Kodesh diploma must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 20 units of credit. These credits include the following courses:

  • Chassidus
  • Jewish Law
  • Chumash
  • Prophets/Ksuvim
  • Talmud
  • Prayer
  • Independent Study

We emphasize the study of Judaica in general, and Chassidus specifically, knowing that Chassidus has the unique ability to fortify the soul with the strength needed to live a life for G-d in the world today. Our Chassidus curriculum includes:

  • Tanya
  • Sichos
  • Moshiach
  • Ma’amorim
  • HaYom Yom
  • Chassidic History
  • Da Ma Lihashiv
  • Niggun

Thirty percent of our Judaica courses are in the Written and Oral Revealed Torah. The main emphasis of these courses are to train the student in learning skills, thinking skills, enduring understandings of Judaica thought, and broad as well as subject specific knowledge. This includes the following subjects:

  • Torah
  • Jewish Law
  • Niviim
  • Kisuvim
  • Tefila
  • Jewish History

Living what we learn
The main goal of our Limudei Kodesh program is to strengthen each student’s Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit through study of Torah and integration of what is studied into everyday life.

Source Language Skills

Through the study of the Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic, the student will better understand the classic texts of Bible, Jewish law and philosophy and the major Medieval Commentaries. The study of the Yiddish language will help the student learn the religious texts written in the Yiddish language. The knowledge of Aramaic allows the student to delve into the Gemorah (Oral Law).

Independent study
The independent study program is comprised of weekly quizzes administered on Sunday on the previous week’s HaYom Yom (Monday – Sunday) and the monthly independent required reading program.

Students must learn every Sabbath. Every Sabbath a schoolwide class is arranged. On the Sabbath blessing the new month there is a schoolwide Chassidic gathering (farbrengen) with a guest lecturer. Students are required to record their attendance to the class and farbrengen. This Sabbath learning comprises the Shabbos Shiur grade received every trimester.